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8 Health Benefits of Brahmi

Health Benefits of Brahmi

The health benefits of Brahmi & its usage are described in Atharva-Veda, Charaka Samhita, & Sushrut Samhita, for sharpening intellectual and decreased Mental Deficiency. This Non-Aromatic Herb is used in Ayurveda.

What is Brahmi:

Brahmi or Centella Asiatica is a perennial, creeping herb with kidney-shaped leaves.

It is most commonly grown in moderate temperate, marshy regions and in farms with high water content throughout India. Brahmi was used for memorizing lengthy sacred Hymns & Scriptures by ancient Vedic Scholars. 
Different Regional Names of  Brahmi
Botanical Name: Centella Asiatica
  • Common Names: Brahmi, Herb of Grace, Monneri Bacopa, Thyme-Leaved Gratiola etc.
  • Hindi: बाम baam, ब्राह्यी brahmi, जलबूटी jalbuti, जलनीम jalnim, नीरब्राह्मी nirbrahmi, सफेद चमनी safed chamani
  • Sanskrit: ब्राह्मी brahmi, तिक्तलोणिका tiktalonika
  • Assamese: ব্ৰাহ্মী brahmi
  • Oriya: ବ୍ରାହ୍ମୀ brahmi, ପୃଶ୍ନି ପର୍ଣ୍ଣୀ prusni parnni
  • Manipuri: Brahmi-sak
  • Bengali: ব্রাহ্মিশাক brahmisaka
  • Marathi: ब्राह्मी brahmi, जलब्राह्मी jalabrahmi, नीर ब्राह्मी nir brahmi
  • Konkani: ब्राह्मी brahmi
  • Gujarati: બામ baam, બ્રાહ્મી brahmi, જલનેવરી jalanevari, કડવી લૂણી kadavi luni
  • Malayalam: ബ്രഹ്മി brahmi
  • Kannada: &ಬ್ರಾಹ್ಮಿ brahmi, ಜಲ ಬ್ರಾಹ್ಮಿ jala brahmi, ನೀರು ಬ್ರಾಹ್ಮಿ niru brahmi
  • Telugu: సాంబ్రాణి ఆకు sambrani aku
  • Tamil: நீர்ப்பிரமி nir-p-pirami, பிரமி piramiyam, தராய் taray
  • Other Tamil Names: Brammi Mooligai, Sandaki, Saraswati Plant, and Yosanavalli Plant.

Medicinal Health Benefits of Brahmi

Brahmi is used in Ayurveda for:

  1. Teeth,
  2. Hair Fall or Hair Loss, 
  3. Memory Booster, Children with Speech Deformity, 
  4. Menstruations,
  5. Epilepsy, 
  6. Asthma, Ulcers, 
  7. Diabetes,
  8. Skin


To facilitate the usage of Brahmi few treatments are mentioned below:

Yellow Teeth


  • Brahmi Leaves

Directions to Use

  • Rub Brahmi Leaves 2 to 3 times a Day on Teeth.


Yellow Teeth Becomes Shiny White.

Hair Fall, Hair Loss or Baldness

The Medicinal Properties of Brahmi are also useful for Hair Fall & Baldness Treatment. It helps in Hair Regrowth and many other Hair related issues.

We’ve described below two methods of Hair Treatment:

Method 1


  • Coconut Oil
  • Hibiscus Leaves
  • Brahmi Leaves

Directions to Use

  • Warm 100 Ml of Coconut oil
  • Add a bunch of Hibiscus & Brahmi Leaves into it
  • Leave it for a night
  • Filter the Oil & store in a Bottle
  • Apply this Oil on hair & Massage the Scalp


Reduces Hair Fall

Method 2


  • Juice of Brahmi Leaves
  • Sesame Oil

Note: Both the ingredients should be taken in equal quantity.

Directions to Use

  • Boil the Mixture of Brahmi Juice & Sesame Oilwell
  • Store in airtight bottle
  • Apply this Herbal Oil regularly on hair


  • Reduces Hair Fall, Baldness & enhances
  • Hair Regrowth

Memory Booster

It is a proven result that Brahmi boosts enhance memory. These results can also be gained by simply using the leaves in our daily Diet as Chutney.

Useful for Children

Brahmi Leaves are also helpful for Children with Speech Deformity. Just give 1 or 2 Brahmi Leaves for better results in Children.  

To enhance Intelligence & Boost Memory Power, Brahmi was also served to Infants as Brahmi Tea from Ancient times in India.



To regulate and treat irregular menstrual cycles Brahmi plays a vital role. It is also in-taken during pregnancy to enhance the memory of the baby.

Some Helpful Recipes of Brahmi

Brahmi Powder

  • Strictly dry the Brahmi Leaves on Sun
  • Grind those dried leaves in a Mixer or Grinder

Brahmi Juice

  • Boil Brahmi leaves in a Bowl
  • The extract of Brahmi Leaves will be in the bowl
  • Filter the Leaves & their extract

Hurray, your Healthy Brahmi Juice is ready!!!

So, my Dear Friends, follow the instructions and enjoy the Medicinal Health Benefits of Brahmi at home.

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